Monday, 2 December 2013

2nd December 1933 - Terrick to Mary


2nd December 1933

My Dear Mary Pleasant

Whether you had asked me to or not, I should have written and told you not to be a cry-baby.  Remember that:

"It's a great life"
"- if you don't weaken".

What would you have been like, I wonder, if instead of being at the dance, you had been having four teeth out and had to stay in bed next day.  After having a good time the night before you ought to be able to take a spot of bother in your stride.  If I have had a good time I consider it as a balance in hand, and if a bad time follows I feel I can afford it.

 And if you want sympathy from me don't be self-pitying.

You will have (at least I jolly well hope so) returned to your sensible self by now, so you had better file the above till next time.

What a snag losing 10/-!  Do you think you left it in one of the houses you visited?  Have you rung them up to ask?  It is just as well I had already told you not to get me a present - but now that you have led me to expect an abstract one, mind you don't forget it.  In the meantime I lend you ten bob which you can keep till after Christmas.

It was wonderful on Friday, wasn't it!  Having the first criticism of "Edwy" and sitting out with you on the stairs.  It's a lovely sensation, living a moment, an hour, that you know you will never forget.

In writing that last sentence I meant "you" in the sense of "one", but read it the other way and it is just as true.

I laughed over your dream.  I didn't dream about you that night but I expect that is only because I do it enough while I'm awake.

You love me.  And knowing that makes me so happy all the time that in the office or in the digs nothing ruffles me and the annoyances that the other take seriously make me smile.


The bell went and I thought it was Marge for her lesson.  I am sitting in the digs waiting for her to turn up, but is is now twenty minutes late so I expect she won't come.  I hope not.

I shall ring you up tomorrow, as promised, at about 12.30.  I suppose you won't get this letter till Monday morning.

Here she is!

Lesson over.  Must now prepare for dance.



             Terrick    xxxxx

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