Wednesday, 4 December 2013

4th December 1933 - Mary to Terrick



Dear Old Thing,

- My hands are so cold I can't manipulate my pen properly.

Thank you very much for just the kind of letter I needed - perhaps it would be a good idea to keep it for reference, it will save me making a fool of myself to you next time.

Thank you also for the 10/-. The one I lost hasn't turned up, but I can manage alright - the devil looks after his own! - Also, while on the subject, I believe we still owe you 2/1 for elevenses on the Saturday morning of the weekend you stayed with us.  I was going to send it to you last week, but waited until Sturday to ask Mummy if she'd given it to you.  Please excuse lateness.

- I shall see you tomorrow at 8.0,  but I think it would be a mistake to make it a regular thing - it would spoil the 'special' feeling about it.

I'm sitting with the IVth for exams at the moment - and should be doing the III & IV part of Ulysses in Polyphemus's cave - I wish you & Jack were here!

I'm feeling alright now - except for my usual recurring feeling of having no faith in myself - you know, not being able to rely on what Mary Ormiston's going to do next.

Yours sincerely 

M.P.O.   xxx

P.S Hand of honour I don't LOVE you, old thing - unless one can love in patches, which I don't believe.  But I've come to the conclusion that the feeling I had at the beginning is growing stronger - only it's not 'love'!

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