Sunday, 3 July 2016

3rd July 1936 - Mary to Terrick


Dear Ticky,

Mummy phoned up just after you had rung off to say I was to wait at school until Mr Lingwood could pick me up some time between 2 & 4 o'clock tomorrow! - as she wanted me to do some shopping for her in Kingston because Jack & Jill would be at Henley all day & I was to come home to help her with tea - she has Mrs Leslie & her son there.  She was a bit cross about Sunday as she had understood you were definitely coming to Brighton on Sunday & had accepted the invitation to lunch for you.  But I said it was my fault as I only told you about it yesterday (so she's disagreeable about us both now) - specially as we were coming back to the party on Sunday at 5. & she was looking forward to the drive with both of us.  However - she says now she will never fix up anything for you again & all her plans for the weekend have been upset.

I think perhaps it would have been better if we'd given her to understand you couldn't come last weekend - & then changed it if you had decided you would come.  I suppose something that happened at your meetings in the week made you feel you couldn't.

Anyway - I simply can't wait till Wednesday - whatever you can - & I'm just slightly and unreasonably cross, because I feel when I've got safely to Friday, my weekend's all right - & you could easily have decided against on Wednesday when we were saying how nice the bathe in the sea would be.

- Forget all this - I shan't care a bit tomorrow - & I'm a bit annoyed Mummy cares so much - because I told her I didn't.

- I expect it will be Wednesday in the end.

How did the speech go?


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