Sunday, 17 July 2016

17th July 1936 - Mary to Terrick

My very dearest dearest dear - My pad is downstairs & I don't want to see a soul again until supper time so I've torn a page out of my German book.  It has been a frightful day - but very typical of the last school day before Speech Day.  Miss Cross trying to squash in a hundred meetings - talks to the school - competitions for prizes & tidyings of the house!  "God's Gift to Women" is upon me (and I've worked it out & find I shall start on Sept. 13th! - so I've cursed that all day too!)

Have just been across to Grannies & seen Mummy & Jill (both looking spruce & clean) & felt just like a jaded school-mistress!  They said I looked a fright!

I can't go up to As You Like It - Miss X wants to do prize list after supper - and I'd rather see something with you tomorrow if I can - so I shall have to miss it.  I see "Give us This Night" is at the Stoll too - but the Forum is nearer. 

Patricia's friend has lent her her car for a week in the hols - so we're going to plan somewhere for the three of us to go camping! Me driving! - (I wish I dared ask her if we could borrow it for Penzance - or even hire it - but we shall have to see how our camping goes!)

Must stop & change - I love you more than words can tell - & if it hadn't been for Wed. I should be desperate - Your Mary P

(I'm sorry I'm so selfish about letter writing but I don't seem to be able to put myself in your place - & I long so much just to see your envelope on my plate!)

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