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25th February 1936 - Mary to Terrick



My Very Own Dearest of Dears - I love you so much that you wouldn't believe me if I told you how much it was - and as the only way, apparently of getting over these incessant attacks out of my system is "to live with you, and be your love" I can see myself living on the top peak of emotion for some time to come - but so will you - so we shall at least be able to sympathize with each other!!

The reason why I wanted to die so badly on Earls Court platform last Sunday evening - was all explained (most prosaically) on my arrival home - as you most cleverly observed - it had changed its date from the 25th to the 23rd. 

There seems a lot to tell you - but it doesn't seem important enough to write.  I broached the subject of elocution to Miss X, and on consideration she thought it quite sensible - but was disappointed I wasn't going to live in Richmond, as she would probably have kept me on!  Only she said it wasn't far from Hampstead - and anyway perhaps I could come over two days a wee to do secretarial work (not too profitable - but possibly helpful) so I thin I shall make an appointment fro London Academy of Music for Friday at 5.30 to find out a bit more about it (or I had considered Guildhall School - only it's further from you) - then could I come and see you on Friday at about 6.30? Because as Miss X is going away, Matron & I find to our horror that she will be on duty with Mrs X all the time - and therefore I shall be on duty with the children all Saturday, Sunday and Monday (Heaven preserve me on Monday evening!).  So Friday will be about our only chance unless you could come to Richmond one evening.  I have been sent two tickets for the Old Girls dance at Kew Pavilion for this Friday (3/- each) and feel a bit mean to refuse - but you don't want to go - do you?  Grannie would probably put you up = but I don't think it would be worth it.  What about Mrs Cook's dance at Putney on March 13th? - I'd rather like to go to that (5/-) - but of course I don't suppose we could manage it as well as our "Ball" - could we?

We've been very hot on Communism & Social Credit once again - but naturally don't get far.  I'm soon floored!  I've remembered one or two knotty points however, which I'll put to you one day in the cool of the even (But you must remember I'm but a weakling - and my nerves are not what they used to be!)

I washed my hair last night & dried it in Miss Olsson's room - and she brought up two glasses of "Bournvita" - so we made merry and I waded into my "Bedside Book" and read aloud to her in bed for about an hour.  I've found some lovely bits to read to you next time!  Think of us tomorrow evening singing madrigals amongst the elite!  I've also invited myself to Joyce Eastman's for the afternoon to see her baby, which weighs eleven pounds!!  She's very pleased as Mrs E. is staying with Norah - so she's rather alone.

Wouldn't it be rather fun if I asked Helen Dick if I could borrow a bed with her on March 7th after the Re-union? - and then come and spend Sunday with you afterwards?  But perhaps it doesn't sound quite such a good idea to you! - only you needn't be snotty about it!

- My darling - I must run to the post and tuck the children up - or else I would go on for hours like this (so it's a good job!)

- All my love is yours - all my heart is yours - all my body is yours - and, because I wasn't to give you everything so badly - I find I hate to call my soul my own - but, owing to the magnificent manner in which you're bringing me up, perhaps I'd better keep it - it's wonderful to think that to have known a love like this is something nobody can take away from me!

- My very best kiss - 


Mary Pleasant

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