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15th February 1936 - Mary to Terrick

In Bed


Saturday Feb: 15th

My Darling Own One - the days go on and on with no particular significance because you're such a long way away.  They're not dull - because there's always something interesting at school - but they're just a bit pointless.  It's so magnificent to feel that there's someone there all the time - within calling distance.  When you're away I'm a little anxious - not because - but because not.

- But enough of this idle complaining!

Than you, very dearest dear, for my wonderful valentine - it arrived just at the right time when I was going up to change to go out to tea.  it took me nearly 15 minutes to solve it - I'm ashamed to say - & it wasn't until I had read it aloud to Matron & Hasty P. That it suddenly dawned on me!

How did the Re-unions go?  I thought of you working frenziedly with furrowed brow - & sticing your head forward every few minutes!

Hasty P & I went out to tea with Mrs Heale & her new baby on Friday.  It was lovely (the tea, the baby and the house).  It's one of those houses in Lyndhurst Rd off Haverstock Hill - wonderfully big rooms & windows - beautifully furnished (very modern)  I wished so much I could have shown it to you.  We'll furnish like it one day.

Grannie invited me to go to some amateur play at Chiswick on Wednesday but I said we'd arranged to see each other that evening (I trust I was speaking truthfully) & she said, Oh well, of course my first duty lay with you !!! (so now I know!)  I was meant to take the children to a Lax. match this afternoon.  But as it was too foggy to play they went to the pictures instead, and Miss Cross invited me to tea and gave me my first Domestic Science lesson on how to make bread!  I hope you like home-made bread because it might be all you'll get!  We talked about you a lot as Miss X insisted on accompanying me to choose the new cushions I promised you for your room when you had your curtains washed!  I think they'll look quite nice - and cushions are always useful - so I didn't really feel I was only buying them for you as an extravagance - because ultimately they'll come in so nicely for "us".  (It's a great thrill buying an "us" present already!)

Mrs Cooke has given Jill 12 tickets for her "League of Pity" dance at Putney on March 13th - 5/- - we went to it before, you remember, and won a spot dance.

It is very strange here this weekend with Mummy's room empty.  It seems ages since we all saw her off at Paddington.  There seemed to be some quite nice people going down in the train with her!  It was very sad to see her off all by herself.  Never in 22 years has she really been separated from us all at once!  We're longing to hear from her.

Grannie wants to know how she can get marks to Germany without losing on the exchange.   Is it possible? - or do you know of anybody who might be able to take them some time?

How is Wensley - & the family? - I hope they're giving you enough to eat!  How is the tooth?

- I must finish this tomorrow as my eyes are falling asleep - but I do want it to get to you on Monday.

- I'm thinking of last Wednesday now - and coming to say good-night to you - oh darling I do love you in your woolly pyjamas!

- But then, I love you any how!

- Goodnight, dearest dear, 

Mary Pleasant


Up fairly early because Jill is in a feverish whirl of getting the house tidied up! - she's started on the washing already.

I forgot to tell you I couldn't get out of an invitation to Mrs Sprague's on Friday evening "to play cards" - and lost 3/18!! - and was damn lucky not to lose everything I'd got - as one man made 15/6 on his first bank! (and you can't get up & go home in the middle!)  But never again for me!  I don't mind when I'm rich - but when I'm poor!!

I'm writing this between grapefruit & kipper as Jack is going to post it at Putney.

- I'm longing for you to be home again - let me know as soon as you are.

- My best love always.


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