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21st February 1936 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place

21st February 1936

Darling Girl,

Work at the Office is very strenuous at the moment.  This evening it was quarter to seven before I left.  Partly because I had to go all the way to Chiswick to see a complaining client; which is an Administration job.  I have protested against being given any more of them till after the next three Reunions.

Last night I went round to Renny's place, and there wrote to Eileen.  his girl brought up tea for both of us, but she left it outside so I didn't see her.  Renny is a scream.  He wants you to ring him up on Sunday afternoon and pretend to invite him to a dance.  I'll tell you on Sunday all you have got to say! It is to make Enid jealous.

Renny rang me up yesterday from the office to say that he had accepted a lunch invitation for us both to Aunt Mildred's on Sunday; so will you get here at about three.  I can't ring her up and put her off because I'm always refusing her invitations because I am going to Dunally.  Uncle Bill has bought, or is buying, a big house near Oxford with 20 acres of grounds, a swimming pool and a quaint old barn that is used as a ballroom.  When we are engaged we'll probably be asked there.

I don't know what sort of seats I shall be able to get for you at the Albert Hall.  We have already sold 355 more tickets than on the same date last year and are increasing the number every day.  Anyhow I'll get you one somewhere.  In the ordinary way I would just buy you a stall but it wouldn't be any fun by yourself.  We must have a party; so I'll have to wait till I know what complimentaries will be available.

My curtains are back.  They are much lighter and feel quite different, smooth instead of rough.

Well, we are arming and accommodating our factories to turn out armaments.  And all because we have bagged the lion's share of the world and beggared populous countries like Germany and Italy.

You see if I'm not right, it will be a war of the Haves allied to keep down the Have-nots.  In other words Gt. Britain, France, Belgium and U.S.S.R. against Germany, Japan, Poland and probably Italy.

That was what the last war was about.  Austria-Hungary wanted control over Surbia, and both she and Germany wanted the colonies of France & Belgium.  British Imperialism couldn't afford to have Germany right across Central Africa and in Algeria, hence the alliance with France and our treaty with Belgium: and therefore our entry into the war.  Anyone who thinks fighting for "gallant Little Belgium" was a chivalrous act doesn't distinguish propaganda from fact.  How anyone can be stupid enough still to think that they would fight "For King and Country", when the words only mean "Monopoly investments in colonial countries", passes my comprehension.  The King would certainly benefit, but only 10% of the population of the Country get anything out of such a war.

Such blatant hoodwinking and such arrant imbecility make me sad; I don't know which is worse.  The world is rather like a lunatic asylum, with harmless idiots for inmates and criminal lunatics for keepers.

Today I went and got an application form for joining a Trades Union, "The National Amalgamated Union of Shop Assistants, Warehousemen and Clerks".  I'm going to join and get as many people in the Poly to do so as soon as I can.  It is only by being organised and united that the have-nots can defeat the power of the haves.

Oh my darling, the frenzy grows on me to put things right.  it is a "mighty purpose", worth living for, and dying for.  it is something greater than I, that I can serve, something that gives my life here a significance.  What is a long life that one should wish for it!  Like a book it is the quality not the length that counts.  When the quality stops the (book) life had better end.  But how terrible if the quality never begins!

Do you see what I mean, Mary Pleasant?  Do you never feel like that?  "This is the true joy in life, the being used by a purpose recognised by yourself as a mighty one, the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap, the being a force of nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.  That was the "joy in life" of Jesus of Nazareth, of Socrates, of all the people who could not feel themselves alive unless they were fighting for the truth that swelled in their souls.

Did you ever feel like that?

I must stop, dearest.  I'll see you on Sunday at 3pm.

I love you.

Terrick  XXX

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