Wednesday, 23 December 2015

23rd December 1935 - Mary to Terrick

Dearest Ticky - I can't write you a very nice Christmas letter because the rush and turmoil of the day is putting everything nice out of my head - If  you don't want a tie like this they said they'd change it for you.  But I took your pullover with me to find a blue one to match it, & couldn't find anything - & couldn't find anything - & I thought this went quite well.

- I wish I was up at Wensley with you - it seems funny to think I shall have spent 4 Christmas days which haven't been half as nice as the first 17 of my life.  I miss you so much more on a special occasion.

- Give Ren-ren my love  and think of me as much as I shall think of you - it will be so nice when it's next Sunday.

All my love


Mary Pleasant  xxx

I see your new case is quite as big as your old one which was a bit silly of me - but I was obsessed with the idea that you must have room to lay a suit flat in it - & anyway - it's a bit more respectable.

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