Thursday, 17 December 2015

17th December 1935 - Mary to Terrick


Dearest Heart - I love you very much - but unfortunately have no time in which to impress this fact upon you - as a thousand and two things are rapping upon my conscience waiting to be done.

Thank you for your letter - and Bodil's address etc. I should still like greasepaints for Christmas - because I wanted them really for all time - & hadn't connected them with the pantomime.

- I bought your Xmas present home today & will send it off on Friday - Whoopee!

- Am taking elocution mistress up to Chelsea Palace Nativity Play tomorrow afternoon - so shall be round about your district at I suppose 5.30ish.  If I see the slightest possibility of dropping in I will - but it's rather doubtful.

- If I don't, darling, will you ring up sometime about 10.0?

- I must see or hear you before Thursday.

All my love - sorry about scrawl -


P.S.  I see lots of flatlet houses in today's Telegraph - arn't any any good?

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