Saturday, 9 November 2013

9th November 1933 - Mary to Terrick

Old Vicarage School


- Gosh! I feel as if I had been running hard and had just found time to sit down!!  I really tried very hard to squash in time to answer your letter on Tuesday - then Wednesday - and now Thursday! - with not a single free moment in between!  And even now I'm missing a musical concert which I'm supposed to be attending in the gym - but, thank heaven for that!  Twenty minutes ago I got in from taking the 4 foreign girls to the Lord Mayor's Show!!  Just imagine it! - with not the foggiest notion of where the Guild Hall was! - and all the traffic being stopped we had to walk miles and miles - while all the time (thinking I'd better give them their money's worth!) I pointed out what I'd always imagined was the old Bailey and the Mansion House!! (anyway they couldn't contradict) - then we sat on a bench in Lincoln's Inn Fields and masticated sandwiches and apples. (I felt quite "Lamb"-y)  - I should honestly think the entire East End was there - I feel "measle"-y all ready (sic), - I love bands and horses and clean little sailor-boys!

Thank you very much for letter - I'm not very fond of typed communications - but I quite see what a save in paper it must be.  Only, never send me a typed envelope, will you? - It would completely spoil the wonderful feeling full envelopes give me - Specially as there's no question of having our appetites spoilt for breakfast here!  You've jolly well got to sit and contemplate the envelope all through porridge - & bacon - and toast & marmalade!! (I try not to think of what your mother thought of me when you opened my letter!!)

Thank you, too, for the steady stream of interesting post-cards that pour in through the door!  It's awfully decent of you to keep on remembering me in your wanderings - I should have thought you would have found one long epistle a week your limit, by this time!  You must help me put them in the album I'm going to invest in one day!

How's all your munificent cash going? - I've just discovered that we've got a very aristocratic Commem: Ball at King's this Session - Dec. 8th or 9th I think at the Waldorf Hotel - 9 - 4am - but perhaps, after all, it's a bit above us! - and heavens only knows what a Commem: Ball's like.

- I'm awfully bucked about the 25th weekend - I've bagged the car after lunch on the Sunday!! - Shall we take it somewhere and go for our walk? - or we can have the family too if you like - and all take our tea with us. (I should hate to feel you had been 'forced'!)

Another great event of this week is that on Monday last, Nov. 5th 1933, between the hours of 6.30 and 8.30 p.m - in the precincts of Kings College during Latin- I cut my last wisdom tooth!! - And about time too - it's been hurting like blazes for about 3 months. - I've also go tot go to my friend the dentist for 3 fillings next Wednesday! Bless him! - and I've got another boil on my eye  curse it! Isn't life Hell, comrade?  (Password, please)

Last Tuesday Mummy took me to see the film "Poil de Carotte" at the Rialto, after I came out of English - I loved it - the small boy is wonderful.

- Fancy it costing all that to type a play! - I'm longing to read it - I always have the whole of Wednesday afternoon off - from 1.30 to 4.30 - do you think I shall be able to adequately digest it in that time?

You know, I told you about my cousin Helen not being able to marry the boy she wanted to because he was too young & only earned £1.10 a week - but, anyway, you've met her haven't you?  Well, she told me on Wednesday that she's got a job as a house-keeper in Dorking and Philip & she had split up all together as they agreed it was the most sensible thing to do - and now she's got hold of someone else!! Whoopee!  But I've never known anyone want to get married and have babies as much as she does - perhaps it's a sign of old age?  - So apparently Philip won't shoot himself after all - and Helen says there is not real path of true love - it's merely a pit-fall!!

We've got a Lacrosse match in the Park tomorrow, in which I'm playing centre for the school ! Heaven help me!

I'm just in the middle of typing a play (cut from the original) which I'm helping produce next term.  It is taking an age!

Wensley looks a wonderful place - and I love the pew.

- Can I have two more letters please, before next Thursday? - or would that be piggy? - no - perhaps (on second superior thoughts) one will be enough!

      Mary  xxx

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