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20th November 1933 - Mary to Terrick

Old Vicarage School

Nov. 20

- Have just received post-card from Rev. Bernays, which I think perhaps I'll enclose.  Mrs Bernays suffers from dreadful fits of depression - hence the reason not to enquire after her health.  - But when I read his (poor man!) in brackets, I suddenly felt as if perhaps it wasn't quite fair to ask you to come with me - just because you won't be able to help feeling vaguely 'on appro.' with him.  But I'd like you to come simply to rub it in that your not.

I won't, won't, won't have people thinking I'm carting you round to show you off! - It's horrible - and I'd rather not see you all the time you're in London than have you labelled 'Mary Ormiston's dear-little-boy' (which I received in a letter yesterday, simply because I sat next to you on the Malaprop evening!) - and yet I suppose I just run my head into the noose all the time because I want to do things with you.  Why are people so futile? - I suppose the only and soul reason is that you're 'a nice-looking-eligible-bachelor' - can't you get married or something?

- (I am an ass!)

Anyway, will you come on Friday? - It'll be evening dress (horrors!) - very dull - and, according to the Rev., a bit awkward.

But I would love to show him how wrong he is!

And what about Saturday morning?  Do try and get it off.  Let me know as soon as poss. won't you?  - and if you honestly feel O.K. about Friday I'll pick you up at the Refectory, Golders Green again at 6.30. plus case for weekend - then you could come back to Dunally for the night anyway - and go up with Jack on Saturday if you have to.

- Another point - having joined Richmond Dramatic last week I've got two free balcony seats for their annual "revue" on the Saturday.  - It'll probably be fairly putrid - but we needn't use the tickets unless you'd like to go.  The nicest part of these performances is the coffee during the intervals and meeting Richmond 'en masse' - but there again perhaps it would be more prudent to leave you sitting behind on your balcony seat!!

Norah came to see me yesterday in her new car! - Small ford - peacock blue with yellow wheels - sunshine roof - synchronised gears (?) and heaps of room for four.  As I was all alone (my family having gone out to tea) she took me out to tea in Richmond - it completely changed the whole colour of my weekend! - She thinks you look too young in your new photograph! and she's looking forward to seeing you again - would you mind if I asked her on the 30th? - Because I have. (you asked me to suggest people didn't you?) and she's going to find out from Blem (cousin) whether he can afford it!  How soon do you have to know? - Because I thought if she came I could go home to Barnet for the night and we could drop you at Haverstock on the way (Do I strike you as having an untoward passion for arranging things for other people?)

- Well, I don't think there's anything else - especially as I should be in the throes of Latin at the moment!  Horribly foggy this morning. - Hope you have a nice time this evening.  Think of me, and write soon.


    Mary  xxx

Mr Bernays' Postcard - 

The Rectory

Dear M.P.

It will be delightful to see you & the great HIM, (poor man!) on Friday.  Come at 6.45 - dressed nicely.

Mrs Bernays is at home.  Try to talk naturally to her and don't ask about her health.  I can't tell you how difficult my life is just now, but it is worse for her poor thing.

My love to you.

Yours ever affectionately

SFL Bernays (Rural Dean)

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