Monday, 11 November 2013

11th November 1933 - Mary to Terrick


In Bed

Saturday 10 pm

Dear Old Thing, 

Your letter just arrived most beautifully this morning - so it started my 'off' weekend well.

Please excuse Jack's typing paper and pencil - but I'm sitting up in bed amongst my blue sheets in my pink woolley (sic) looking most beautiful - except for the negligible fact that I have six feet of bandage round my left eye owing to another loathsome exuberance thereon!  In fact, they've been bread-poulticing it all the evening and have sent me up early to bed.  Anyway, I have invested in a large and expensive bottle of 'Clarkes Blood Mixture' for 'Rheumatism, Lumbago, Eczema, Ulcers and other skin diseases'! - So let's hope for brighter days ahead!

Thank you for p.c too - which arrived with letter - in fact, an entirely 'FitzHugh' post.

How ever do you know all the populations off like that? - I supposed it's really only because you happen to be the rector's son - because it's very clever!

- When Mummy & I saw a picture of Baghdad in an Imperial Airways film last Tuesday we both came to the conclusion that it looked a 'Fitz-y' town - one solid block of flat roofs!

- I had a lovely evening last Thursday after French lecture.  Another girl there, a Miss Baker, I've got to know fairly well, & when we came out together her brother was waiting for her outside with his M.G. sports & when she introduced me he suggested going somewhere for a drink (whoopee!) - so we all three squashed in (frightfully tight fit!) and he took us to his club - heaven's only knows where1 - where we sat round a blazing fire and I had two cups of gorgeous coffee.  We smoked & talked for about half an hour (they're both much older than I am - but they didn't know!) - and then he said as they lived in Purley could they drop me in Richmond! - so I had a wonderful drive home right to school door - I was frightfully bucked.

I've got a Latin test on Monday - half term! Heaven help me!

Jack's gone to a party at Norah's tonight.  I was asked but it's too far when I'm only just home for two days a fortnight.  I don't seem to be seeing enough of her these days, I hope she's being good without me to look after her!

- I've written to ask Mr Bernays if you can come too on the 24th - but if he says no we'll have to lump it - Because I don't think Mrs Bernays is too well at the moment. - But I do hope it'll be alright - although I shall have to school you both in a tremendous lot of things before you meet!  - Gosh! - or else I can see myself spending a 'puce' evening!

- I'm sorry my Commem. Ball remark looked like a hint - actually I hadn't seriously considered going - I don't think perhaps it would be too good unless I knew some more who were going.

Oh - I do hope I get asked to piles of dances in the Christmas hols - It's years since I've worn my evening frock! - 6 weeks, anyway.

It's lovely being in bed at home again.

- The main reason I'm at the O.V.S. without being paid is that the fee for evening classes at Kings per. annum is about ¼ of the fee for the day course - oh - less than that - anyhow - Mummy couldn't have really afforded the ordinary course ( as well as keeping me and providing pocket money) - so we rather treated it as a god-send getting a job at O.V. - as, besides, I can never do a stroke of work at home - and then there would have been fares up & down every day - and far too many distractions etc. - and Miss Cross promised to let me have all the time I needed off to work in - and provides my board & lodging - and it is experience (!) - so I'm quite content!

- As well as it being very good for me being away from home for a bit - and hard work never hurt anyone.

- Tomorrow I've got the two French girls and Miss Olsson from school - coming to tea - as well as Miss James of 'The' cruise and two more friends - so we shall be quite a genuine 'hen-party'.

- I suppose you're not in need of a 10-days-old pedigree Great Dane puppy?  Miss Cross has six most heavenly ones she's trying to sell - 7 guineas each. - and anyone who sells one for her gets commission! - I'd give anything for Mummy to have one - but she's afraid it would get too big.  Their eyes are just open - you should have seen us feeding them out of a bottle when they were 2 days old!

- What ever was the G.F.S. dance like? - I simply can't imagine you at it? - or weren't the damsels the usual G.F.S. type? - Don't lose your heart to anything in a hand-knitted jumper suit and a black velvet bandeau - will you? - because I'm afraid I should nearly feel it my duty to interfere!

- We'll go to Streat that Sunday - leave here directly after lunch - it would be great fun.

- I really must stop - go to sleep - my head is banging against the back of the bed.

- This will be the last letter I shall write to you for ages - won't it?

- What a save in notepaper!

- I shall think of you on Thursday as I trot up to French once more - what time do you arrive in London?

- I hope you're feeling all 'London-y' once more, after riotous living.

Mary P
x    x   x

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