Thursday, 14 November 2013

14th November 1933 - Terrick to Mary

Wensley Rectory

14th November 1933

Dear Mary Pleasant, 

I am sorry for you with your eye.  I hope it is better b y now.  Take a double dose of the blood mixture before you see me.

Can I give you supper after lectures once a week?

And can you on the 30th November come to a dance at the Savoy with me.  I am trying to get up a party, but if you can't come I shan't.  It is given by the American Society in London and the members of the English-Speaking Union are invited with their friends.  I am trying to get Paul and fiancée, and Renny with a party of his foreigners. If you know anyone else who would like to come, ask them' the cost for them is 9/6 a head including buffet supper, which is wonderful for the Savoy.  It starts at 9.30 p.m. If you don't know anywhere to dress in town, I'll ask my aunt to let you do it at her house.  You woudn't have time to go back to Richmond, would you?

This afternoon we are going to Windermere for tea.  I know the populations because before we came here I wanted to get an idea of the size of the place and got it from that.  To give you an idea of waht the place was like I thought the same thing would have the same effect.

I hope you have got through your Latin test all right.

Edwy has not come yet.

What do you mean:- you 'have written to ask Mr Bernays if I can come'?  I thought you said I was invited.  Am I to be thrust on the poor man?  And what have you got to school me in?   Can't you trust me to behave with tact?  I hope I can go, it sounds as though it were going to be screamingly funny.

Do you think we might make up a party to dance somewhere on New Year's Eve?  I have been wanting to ask you for some time (10 ½ months) but I thought you might accept and then wish you hadn't.  What about getting up a jolly gang of your nicest friends and mine and going somewhere smart and gay?

Did I tell you taht I had to take my plus-four jacket & waistcoat to be let out.  They wouldn't meet their obligations.

No Great Danes today, thankyou.

The G.F.S. crowd were, I suppose, the usual kind:  Daughters of the local tradesmen.  Being a clergyman's son I have to put in an appearance at some of these does when possible.  It keeps them from going over to Rome.

I chuckled over the idea of your interfering to save me from something in a hand-knitted jumper.  You would be wasting your time:  with my eye definitely and matrimonially on some female you will not be able to prevent me getting there.  So get used to the idea.

I arrive in London at 7.15 p.m. on Thursday, and get out to Hampstead about twenty mintues later.

Could I give you supper on, say, Monday?  You wouldn't get back late.

Today I got my L.N.E.R. passes for my return journey.  i don't mind my holiday coming to an end a bit.

Oh, yes! And I got a letter from Paul today, to say that he considers the moment propitious for breaking the news of his engagement to his and her family.  Sensational.  I am not sure if he has picked the right one.

We are now right in the throew of reckoning how much Eileen's wedding and tgrousseau will cost.  it is going to be held in London in the first half of February.  Apparently Herbert (the fiancé) has an extate of five thousand acres, a deer forest, thorough-bred horses etc and so the old girl will be O.K.   It is rather interesting to see all the things taht have to be considered when one goes and jumps off the dock into matrimony.

Write or ring me up at Haverstock Hill about having supper with me.  I can't wait till the 24th to see you.  Why that would be a month!

There are tons of films and shows on in town that I want to see.  I still have £8 intact in my pocket.

Well, goodbye old thing.  I think we should have a good winter.


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