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3rd April 1936 - Terrick to Mary

No ink in pen, except for envelope

3rd April 1936

Dearest Fianceé!

I hear that you rang up before I got in this evening.  I was working till about twenty past six and then I had a drink with Digby.

This morning I sent of the announcement to the "Morning Post" so it will be in either tomorrow or Monday.  I was able to get it off then because the Insurance won't want any money till next week so I am told.

The doctor pronounced me as sound as a bell in heart, lungs and water!

While I was in Selfridges post office sending off the announcement who should come up to me by Phil Lasbry and then Jack Carlton.  They both congratulated me, having heard the news from you.

I hope you like "1066".  I wish I was seeing it with you.

Today I have spent a lot of time in buses going to and from wholesale places, and in the buses I evolved the rough idea of a film story, which I have knocked into shape this evening.  There are main parts for you, Jack, Jill, Mrs Ormo, David, Renny & Mr Lingwood, and a number of extras required for odd parts.  The parts suit Jack, Jill, David and Renny down to the ground, they won't need to "act" much, but your part is a Bodil one so - if you do it - you will have to use all your talent.  Jack, Jill and David are three thieving vagabonds, Mrs Ormo is a county lady, you are her daughter, Renny your admirer staying in the house, Mr Lingwood the butler, and the other villagers and visitors at a grand fête.  John L. could also be camerman.  We might drag in another man by making Mr L your father and Andy the butler.

Shall we call ourselves the Formitz Amateur Film Club and have reports of our activities in Home Movies and Amateur Ciné every month?  Then when it is finished we can give a show or perhaps two, including films borrowed from other amateur film clubs, charging 6d each.  We'll send it up to Amateur Ciné World for criticism.

Then for the next film, with all the lighting paid for, we can be a bit more ambitious still.  We'll have a different director, a different camera-man etc. the "more ambitious" part might take the form of renting a studio for 10/- a week somewhere fairly accessible for us all, then we could throw the membership open as long as we liked the people.

This scenario gives Jack & Jill plenty of acting and close-ups so it might succeed in making them interested.  If you think that no one ought to know more than they (!! ye gods), they can read all my books.

Could you possibly meet me in the lunch hour next Wednesday and go and visit Bowman's together?  Perhaps one day after Easter would be better because then I can take a long lunch hour.  I am very rushed at present.

Goodnight my darling.  Or rather good morning.

I'll be going to Doddy's to give Jack an opera hat, but he'll be coming to Dunally won't he?  As I am coming I needn't bother about seeing him at Doddy's.

All my heart

Terrick  xxx

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