Thursday, 28 April 2016

28th April 1936 - Mary to Terrick

Dunally Lodge

April 28th 

My dearest dear - I hope you are quite well - as I am - and that two days without hearing from me has not undermined your constitution in any way.  If you could calculate all the time I spend each day thinking of you, you'd blush for shame thinking what an idle woman you must have chosen - but I can do other things at the same time! - although, of course, one of them has to suffer a bit in consequence.

Flip & I spent yesterday out together at the dentist and buying his outfit in Dean Street W.1.  we passed your place at exactly 1p.m. - just to cheer me on my way a bit! Then we had to do some shopping in Kensington & Flip had been promised he could go to the pictures - so we went to the Hammersmith Gaumont - got in at 2.30 and the programme lasted until 6.10!! - so you can imagine what I felt like when we got out.  But the films were quite passable and a jolly good Silly Symphony.

Are you booked up anywhere for Friday evening?  Do you think I could come and see you then?  It doesn't really matter - because, as Mummy says "you'll see him on Saturday" - but it's another 24 hours anyway.  I'm driving Mummy up to the office on Thursday - and we're going to see "These Three" - but I've got Shakespeare in the evening - so that's no good for seeing you.

I've asked Grannie particulars about Saturday & she says arrive about 5.30 - so you could go to your British Museum, couldn't you? - I think it finished about 7.30, and we shall probably all come home together afterwards.  is it settled with Paul about dinner next Sunday?  Because Jack is driving Mummy down to a friend at Brighton for the day - so we shan't be able to have the car.  Could you ask Paul the best way to come?  It is a pity it isn't Saturday after Grannie's.

I ordered the photographs yesterday - and they'll be 10 days.  I'm longing to see yours up in your room.  Couldn't you have one of yourself taken for a birthday present for me?  Or had you already planned to give me a saucepan-cleaner? 

- Did you remember we'd been engaged a month yesterday?  My ring looks as if it's lived there all it's life now - and it felt frightfully strange when you first put it on.

It has been wonderfully hot here all today.  I went to sleep in the sun after lunch, and have been sewing since then.  Mummy has gone to bed early with a streaming cold.

I had a very nice cheery letter from "the Commander" this morning - but it's a pity about the exclamation marks.

I'm getting to the pitch, when, because my feelings remain at the same high pitch continuously, I have to repeat myself or else say nothing at all.  You mean so much more to me than I can ever write down (even with copying it out afterwards) that I can only tell you how much I long for the time when I can show you my love instead of inadequately trying to tell you about it.  In these blissful and magical days it's one of the best thoughts I have that one day my love for you will even be a deeper and more wonderful thing that it is now.

- With you beside me life would be almost too magnificent.

I don't know what I've done to deserve anybody as wonderful as you.

- I love you - 

Mary Pleasant.

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