Monday, 11 April 2016

11th April 1936 - Mary to Terrick

Dunally Lodge

Good Friday

My very own and dearest Ticky

The last twenty-four hours have seemed very, very empty for one side of me it's difficult to spend half one's self speeding off to Nice - having said good-bye quite casually at Victoria - and yet behave as a complete human being.  But the other half is behaving awfully well.  It's only when it comes to the evening after a wonderfully sunny day, that I really notice an emptiness.  

I may say that I had great fun on the platform, getting behind fat ladies and tall men as you walked past me twice (within about 2 yards) without seeing me.  i thought perhaps I might hinder you if you new I was there.  But it was worth waiting - just to feel so miserable as you steamed out!!  Did you have a good crossing? - and how did the meals go? - I thought of you earlier this evening - being absolutely fed up and tired of them all.  I expect you'll sleep well tonight.

I drove off to have my photograph taken after you went - it was just near St James' Palace. A very nice place on the 5th floor - with a particularly nice secretary and Mr Douglas - with long hair and a little beard who left me to change in the studio (while he phoned a friend in Paris to say he'd be with him for breakfast!).  he took about 30 different photos of me! - in every conceivable position - some with my cape on & some off.  He was very nice and talked all the time.  I shall have the proofs in a week ( I hope, before your come back).  I haven't 'phoned the Press yet - but will tomorrow.

Jill hasn't got measles badly, but is covered in spots - so we shall have a very quiet Easter.  Andy has put off coming and Grannie & Auntie Hell tomorrow.  Send Jill a p.c. if you have time because she's got to stay in bed for a week ( and you know what sitting still means for her!).

I have just finished writing 10 letters to people who've congratulated us.  Mummy has had heaps of circulars as well this week from caterers  and fashion magazines.  today she has been trying to finish a set of breakfast table mats out of the blue & white check material (like my sun-bathing suit) - for my bottom drawer to match our blue set with the white spots - which I am urged to go and buy straight away!  Shall I? - just for fun! - I would love to.

I have stuck a Morning Post cutting in my "newspaper-cutting" album - later on when I have collected a few more about us (I've got Eileen's in) - I shall label them "Step I", "Step II", "Step III" etc!  Did you send the Morning Post home?  I wonder what they'll think of it.  Does Uncle Bill know yet?

What shall we do about next weekend? - I suppose you won't be able to come home - will you?  But I must be with you - a week without you and I shall be quite uncontrollable - so what can we do?

- Do you think it would really matter if you came home?

I hope Renny's having a nice weekend - I wish we were there together - I have just been looking at my diary for Easter 1934 - it's so nice to read all I felt then - and to realize how much more I feel now.

I love you, my dearest dear, with every bit of me that has the power to love.

- It seems to wrap us both together in a blanket - in peace, and quiet and contentment - and every now and again we step outside to join in with the people without blankets - enjoying the new experience more because of our blanket that we've got waiting behind us.

Please, darling, look after me for always - because we love each other so much.

Your very own 

Mary Pleasant

P.S. Can we "Bowman" next weekend?    I've found last year's catalogue - also a letter from Nice written this time last year!!  Can I have my 3rd p.c. of you on coach conducting tour?

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