Tuesday, 22 October 2013

22nd October 1933 - Mary to Terrick



I am just home for the day - going back this evening.  It is nice being home again.  I expect you're getting awfully excited, aren't you?

I got your letter yesterday at tea-time.  I wonder if you really will arrive at 6.0 on Wednesday! - I'm afraid I can't see you that evening, though, because it just happens to be our dress rehearsal at school (Finchley) for the concert on Friday 27th.  At 6.0 I am calling in to see Mr Bernays for half an hour - then on to school - Norah comes to fetch me at 9.0 and we both go back & sleep at Grannie's so that I can run across to school early Thursday after breakfast (Did I tell you the school was just opposite Grannie's flat on Richmond Hill?)

I shall be up to French - 6-8pm on the Thursday evening - if you could possibly be outside King's at 8.0 I could have an hour to spare then - which I should love! - But will it be worth it? - I mean, it seems a bit silly to stop going home all Thursday just for a mouldy hour in the evening - when you will have lots more time to rake me out of my nunnery when you come back!

- I'm longing for you to come home here for a weekend.  Which will be the earliest one you can manage? -

                         - Oh - arn't we fools!

- (or Grannie's is RICHMOND 0797
                -after 10.0 on Wed evening)

P.S. I hope this reaches you in time!

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