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13th October 1933 - Terrick to Mary

Hotel Brice
Rue Marechal Joffre
Nice (A-M)

13th October

My Dear Old Mary,

Sorry this is not by return of post but I got your letter just as I was going off on a whole day excursion.  It is now evening and I will have the letter off by the first English post tomorrow.

You do seem to have had a good holiday.  I liked looking at the photographs.  "The Hon. Togawaya" in one photo seems to be identical with "Prince" in another.  I seem to have seen Miss James somewhere, though perhaps it was only someone with rimless glasses and the same type of face.

You seem to be going in strong for kissing.  I was twenty-three, I think, before I got up to the three-a-fortnight mark.  It was the beginning of the end, and my record, three in one evening, was achieved a few weeks later.  I hope you won't have fallen as low as that before I get back.

It is funny, isn't it? I didn't enjoy kisses a bit at first, even though I frequently wanted to do it.  It is an acquired taste.  When you get used to it (which the Lord forbid) you will find it can have the most heady effects compared with which strong wine is as water.  But perhaps I am particularly sensual.

All over the continent holding hands and kissing in public is the done thing.

I am sorry to do Jill out of a silver pencil but I haven't got one.

Here are two photographs of me.  The diving one was taken at Menton and the other at Nice.

I have revised the first act of "Edwy" so now the play is more or less finished, but I am going to spend the remaining time I have here in titivating the whole thing.

I have also drawn sketches of the scenes for you, so that when you read it you will be able to picture them better.

In spite of the fact that it is not me but a sympathiser that you want to see, I think I shall look you up when I get back. (As if I could keep away!)

Will the weekend 21st - 22nd October be one of your free ones?  I think that will be when I shall come home.  I'll let you know anyhow.  Paul also wants me to meet his fiancee before I go on my holiday.  I was thinking of obliging him by combining the two and going somewhere to dance all four.  But that would only be if you were free on the Monday, which I imagine is always your Latin day.

I would rather have you to myself because there is so much I want to hear from you and tell you.  I am sure I could talk the clock round to you.  Isn't life fearfully exciting and such fun!  Everything is opening out into something strange and beautiful.  You are on your way to a B.A. and Heaven knows what discoveries.  And I am about to launch "Edwy the Fair" and start "Robin Hood".  And whether we succeed or fail, wear are steering ourselves, not just drifting.  Life only becomes dreary and sordid when you lose (a) your youthful enthusiasm and (b) your high ideals.

All this is not in response to your request to know why it is a great life, it is just me letting off steam, playing variations on the theme.

Do let me know any interesting bits you learn about "King Lear" and "Much Ado".  Since I have been out here I have read:  "Antony & Cleopatra", "Richard II", "Henry IV Part I", half of "Henry IV Part II", "Cymbeline", "Julius Caesar", "Troilus & Cressida" and "King John".  I must read "Lear" again and "Much Ado".

By the way, what happened to your recitation lessons?

Did you land at Heligoland?

I wandered round some of the points you stressed in your last letter because my answer to the real point of them is one that wants saying, not writing.  And, I think, not saying just yet.

While you are in your nunnery I think I shall have to carry on a so-called platonic friendship with Miss Somebody Martin the scenario-writer.  You must meet her, she is a scream.  I think I told you about her.  Her favourite exclamation is "Oh Heck!" and she wrote the scenario for "The Lodger".  I met her at Bruges last year.  We have quite a lot in common.  At the same time you need never hope that she will distract my embarrassing attentions from you, as her sex-appeal is a minus-quantity.

What are you going to call me when I get back - Fitz or Terrick?

Shall you tell me who the person was who kissed you the week before you went away?  It is not difficult to pick on him, but I'd like to know if I'm correct.  I shouldn't ask I suppose, but you did say you would tell me if I told you.  I also deduce, though I'm not quite sure, that it was not the first time he had done it.  If I say it was not the first time he had attempted it I am on safe ground.

Next Morning

Still no letter from H.O. about leaving.  One more person has just booked for the week after next.

Do you find it difficult to keep the children in order?  Don't get like the traditional school mistress - dictatorial in private life.  Would it undermine your English pupils' confidence in you to know that you were learning English yourself?  They might think you were doing it like the men who started teaching Sanskrit.  He kept one lesson ahead and allowed no questions.

I should love to see you at it.  What is the headmistress like?

A useful tip for when your kids get to ten-letter words: no A in Experience!

I suppose they are all girls.

Have you picked on your other subject for study?  What about History?

I shall be fearfully thrilled the day I can put B.A. after your name on my envelope.

Have you passed Matric?  I didn't think you had.

What part are you taking in "The Rivals"? I shall be up in Yorkshire on the 27th.

Renny (my brother) has left Haverstock Hill.  (I believe I told you that in my last letter).  He is living free of charge in return for entertaining foreigners in the evening.  he did it in Eastbourne for part of his holidays and got sacked in the middle of the night!  Now they have taken him on again.  The woman who runs the place is a most hysterical creature.  Because he didn't go to the station at Eastbourne to meet her.  She sent a maid to his room to tell him to leave by the first train, before breakfast, in the morning.

You must meet him sometime.  He is the exact opposite of me.

The first three chapters of "For Sinners Only" are the least interesting.  I have just bought a second-hand copy.

Each day I say to myself "Nine more days; Eight more days' Seven more days" but I wish I could be sure of it.  I have half a mind not to take my holiday now, but to put it off til the first week in January when the hunt balls are on in the North riding.  And yet, now I come to think of it, you will be on holiday then, I suppose, so that will be my best opportunity for seeing something of you.

I wonder if I shall be going up to Fort William again to look after the hotel during the Howes' holiday.

I think I shall go and have a bathe now.  I haven't had one all the week as I have been on trips whenever the weather was fine.  The sea is getting much colder now.

Lots of Love


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