Thursday, 10 October 2013

10th October 1933 - Mary to Terrick

Old Vicarage School
Richmond Hill
Richmond.  Surrey.

Tuesday 3-15

Dear Terrick

- Complete with new pad containing 200 sheets 'Large Post Quarto Size' - I settle myself down to the weekly budget.  Thank you for your letter which somewhat wandered round the points I so deeply stressed.  But doubtless everything works for the best!

- Our boat arrived at Tilbury at 1.30p.m on Sunday - after the most wonderful holiday - far more wonderful than the best I could have imagined beforehand - and also a little surprising.  I should never have thought it possible for a person like me to be kissed by three different men in the course of two weeks!! - and, in Hamburg, everybody holds each other's hands - I've never seen such a town.  - We went out (or rather, were taken out) each of the three nights we were there, to about 6 different places of amusement, with different drinks at each one, getting back to the boat about 3.30a.m - The German boys from the N.Y.K. offices at Hamburg too us - we were frightfully lucky because no one else got the chance - These two just took us everywhere  - we danced and drank (!!) and saw wonderful cabarets & varieties & went to a beer-garden - and oh gosh! how I loved it all - everybody's mad on Hitler & Natzis (sic) and uniform and swastika badges (Norah's Gerhard gave her his badge) - oh - it was lovely - just for 3 days anyhow! - Everybody seemed to like us so much and honestly you couldn't help holding each others hands - or letting them kiss you, for that matter! - Although I positively can't see what enjoyment they get out of it - can you? - I haven't enjoyed it once yet - but, as one of them said, perhaps I'm quite a 'hopeless' sort of person to get romantic with - specially as I always think 'Mummy would laugh if she could see me now' in the middle of everything!! - We had so much money over on the Friday evening that we dashed into Hamburg & bought masses of presents for the family - I've got a silver pencil for you, if you haven't already got one- but I'll keep it until you come home - (if you have got one I'll give it to Jill!).  The photographs I took are fairly good I'll send them with this - but let me have them back at once - won't you?  (It's a great favour my letting you have them at all!)

Yesterday evening I went up to King's for my first Latin - from 6-30 - 8-30 - they're starting at the beginning, thank goodness! - Tonight I have English - and on Thursdays French - then next year I drop English & take Geography as they both happen to fall on the same night - a 2 yrs. course, you see.

This morning I arrived here plus baggage - I'm sleeping in a room with a French girl - and this morning I took the babies (8, 9 & 10) for Arithmetic, Reading & English - took duty in break & after lunch and have just corrected my books in the staff-room - I think it should all be rather fun - oh - but how I'm longing for you to come home - just to see you once will do! - (I don't often feel this quite so badly - but I think it's sitting alone here with noone to sympathize with my feelings!) - and it's not you actually I'm longing for - only someone who likes me!  So I shouldn't come home, if I were you! - & I'm beginning to feel so old & experienced - what can I do?

I'm glad Paul came for those few days - it's quite impossible for me to imagine what you're both like together - but I liked him immediately I saw him.

I've only read about the first 3 chapters of "For Sinners Only" - and am not progressing too well - perhaps I'm not interested enough - but I'll plod on & see if it improves.

*          *         *         *         *


- I went to English last night - we have Shakespeare from 6-7 and English Literature 1579-1800 from 7-8.  King Lear & Much Ado are the set books. - I loved the classes - all the professors seem frightfully nice and we roared with laughter at some of his remarks in English Literature.  This evening I go up to school for a rehearsal of our scenes from The Rivals.  The actual concert is on Oct 27th.

This letter is being written in the most frightful scraps & pieces, in between classes, and consequently I forget everything I want to say. - The main thing is how much I'm looking forward to seeing you again - and please write me lots of letters before you come - or just post-cards now & again will do - so that I know that at least one person thinks about me in my nunnery!

- I'm just going into the town to post this.

- Please write by return - just to say It's a great life! - I know it is really, but I'd like to hear just why you think so!

- Love

        Mary Pleasant  xxx

P.S This is a horrible letter - but my brain refuses to function except on lines of spelling & arithmetic ! - (already!)

I've got lots more photographs to show you when you come home.

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