Thursday, 17 January 2013

17th & 18th January 1933 - Mary to Terrick

                                                                                                                           In Bed
                                                                                                                           Tuesday 9.45

Dear Terrick – (Fitz can’t express all I’m feeling at the moment) I am the most blithering- beasted – thankless fool that ever walked the earth – oh - & I mean it all a thousand times! - & you’re a dear to take all my stupidity like you did.  I’ve been feeling like this ever since I sent Mitchell out with that last letter – because I wrote it in the heat of the moment – really believing you were being cross with me - & it was all horribly childish because I lost my temper in the end – just because I couldn’t stand thinking I was going down in your estimation just when I so badly was trying to go up. - & you’re not a bit “self-righteous” – only I thought all the time you were blowing me up for something you’d done for years - & I’m dreadfully sorry that I hurt & please forgive me – but I know you have already because your letter raised me from the slough of Despond to radiant heights (although it is the night of the “vicarage” party!)

- oh dear – if you only knew how miserable I’ve been - & how nice it is to feel you still like me, & don’t think me silly – because I am, you know, specially in letters.  – But lets forget all about this “flirting” business – we both understand each other now – so we can laugh at “mine” together - & imagine “yours”!

I’m sorry this isn’t going to F.W. but you see I’m back at the office now & didn’t get yours till 7 o/c tonight, so it’ll be ready for you when you get back.

This one's going to be an absolute model of sensibility! (what does “senuous” mean? then)

- To begin with I’ve just had a topping hot bath as I’m going to Norah’s tomorrow night - & three good hours have elapsed since I leapt round the room with relief after receiving yours! – so I’m not writing this in the heat of the moment - & also mummy doesn’t know I’m writing it because she would think I was dotty or fast or something – but it won’t hurt her for once, & I’m not- so who cares? (or am I?)

- will you come here to tea on Saturday – dress here – go up to the dance with us – come back here & go up to Norah’s with me on Sunday? – or would that be strictly against your principles? – because I would like to you – unless you think it would be silly.

Shall I wear my black or green frock? – My black’s a bit big unfortunately – but I’ll try it on again & see.  Mummy has just bought me some lovely new pyjama material – I’m going to have them made all in one, with wide legs. - & on Friday I’m getting a new hat – but you’ll probably tell me its not becoming or something! - & - oh I forgot – that bit about “my good figure” – in your letter! – good gracious me, boy, my figure is my great drawback! – I’m miles too fat! – but I’m glad you liked my complexion - & frightfully glad I’m “your sort”!! – that might mean such a multitude of things!

I don’t know what N & I are going to see tomorrow – but I want to see “The Blue Light” on Friday – if my filthy lucre still holds – but of course it would be the twins' birthday on Saturday!

- thanks tons for the p.c – as it happens Norah & I only got quarter as far as that! – we slept all that afternoon you know – that was the time you were going searching for the cave or something – where the piper played ghostly tunes.  Have you ever found it?

- Well – I must stop – here come family – but – oh my dear old thing, its most frightfully nice to feel happy again - & thank you ever so much for putting up with me.

Wednesday  Office. 1-5

- Just finishing this off – shall think of you speeding back to London tonight – you’ll pass within about 100 yds of N & me at about 7 o/c! – Don’t forget to notice the bunting I’ve had specially hung round King’s Cross – will you?
- Please ring up on Thursday evening if you’ve got a minute to spare
- Much love until we meet once more on Saturday – whoopee!

Mary Pleasant

Be good.

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