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9th May 1936 - Terrick to Mary

35 Nevern Place

9th May 1936

My Darling, 

How hot it is!  I have just come back from a Socials Committee and made up my accounts.  We have done well, and are getting up a dance for Saturday 27th.  That means that I shall come and see "As You Like It" sometime during the week.

A funny thing happened today.  I sat all day in the Conference Room & just knocked at the door of the Administration next door and put my head in whenever I wanted something.  Stonelake mentioned to Ashe that I knocked on the door but did not dare say that I put my head into the room.  Ashe said "Good Lord, he mustn't go into the passage at all.  He must thump on the wall between the rooms when he wants anything".  So I did all day, but I told Stonelake that at about 6p.m. long after Ashe would have departed I wanted to come into the administration to get some papers for tomorrow that no one else knew how to collect.  Stonelake said O.K. in any case if I saw Ashe in the corridor as I came out of the conference room I could go back but he always leaves the office before 5.  So I did it.  I was in Administration collecting my things when the door opened and who should come in but Ashe.  Stonelake went scarlet and I felt I did too.  I haven't felt like it since I was caught wandering about one of my prep schools in the dead of night.  Ashe only said: "Well how is the pariah?" and asked Drew a question and went out again, but I bet there will be trouble tomorrow for Stonelake.  He is going to get in his say first.  Isn't it foolish!

Darling, in that second-hand shop I was telling you about I have just seen some wonderful chairs, table and sideboard in natural oak.  Also the chairs I was telling you about have got arms - like this

only it leans back not forward as I have drawn it.  I wish you could see them; couldn't you come up before the shop shuts on Friday?  And then we could go back to Richmond together to "Midsummer Night's Dream".  They are also selling off a manufacturers stock of carpet at 40% his price.

I took your camera to Kodak, after haggling a bit and saying it was our fault the assistant at length took the camera behind the scenes to an expert, and then said they would keep it till Saturday and see to it.

I have just heard form the Poly Friendly Society that they will pay all my dentist's bill & 15/- of the 18/6 of my optician's.  Wonderful, isn't it!

Let me know how soon you can come up on Friday.  I'll probably spend the early afternoon at the Museum or the Records Office.

It was wonderful hearing from you yesterday evening.  I wish you were here now.

I have all sorts of dreams of us two in the future when I am travelling in the bus.  Probably not at all the type of future you would like - too much struggle and strife (not between us) attached to it.

I must stop now and write to a man about a dance band for a dance.s

All my heart and the love in it.



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