Saturday, 12 April 2014

12th April 1934 - Mary to Terrick

My very dearest Ticky - from this you may correctly deduce that i am ailing!  Does everybody's state of health affect their emotions?

All last night - right on and on and on from stars to back clouds and then morning - the thought of getting a letter from you in the morning made me just able to bear everything without waking the family up!  I'm not very ill, but my face looks like this:-

The drawing has been cut out

The biggest sight you ever saw - I daren't look into a mirror because I can't recognise myself - and all from the tiniest little boil on the side of my nose!  I just keep praying & praying it'll be better by the time you come down - you couldn't possibly like anything that looks like I do now!  The doctor gave me an injection yesterday which hurts nearly as much as the place itself.  I spend all day with lint, lint, lint (oh, vile pink lint!) and hot water - which keeps hot just as long as I can keep my tears of anguish from avalanching into the basin and cooling it off!!

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