Sunday, 4 August 2013

4th August 1933 - Mary to Terrick



Dear Fitz

Have just sent you p.c but feel it is inadequate.  Thank you for your letter which they forwarded on to Norah's where I went last Friday.  "Saunton" is let for nine months.  The family are staying down here for three weeks, I think - & then we go to 'Dunally' - next week from Tuesday 8th until Sat: I'm at "Crinarn", Great North Rd. Whetstone. N.20 - & then at Grannies for weekend - 3 Cardigan Mansions, Hill Rise, Richmond, Surrey. - If you write again perhaps it had better go to Grannies - anyway up to Aug 19th.

- This isn't going to be a nice letter so don't get all comfortable & intelligent! - I'm not sure about Inter & Finals yet.   You have to take 4 subjects in each - French, Geography English & Zoo. (?) if poss but I don't know yet.  I told Allen I was leaving & he said "I always told your mother, Miss Ormiston, that you shouldn't come here" - but I got a few things off my chest at him & I don't feel so bad now - except that Katie is probably crowing like a hog at the moment ! (metaphorically !) Still, it's worth it.

Our new bath has two taps, I'm afraid - but I saw a simply perfect house (white - with flat roof) upon the cliffs in Torquay last night - it was perfect.

 - I don't expect I shall start at school until after our trip through the dangerous ports of Europe!

Norah is a dear - I like her so tremendously - she can make me feel quite different from anybody else.

 This camp is about 2 miles from the farm where Mums & I sleep - Mr Hodson comes & fetches us at 8.a.m to bathe before breakfast in the cleanest water I've ever seen - mile out you can still see the grey shingle at the bottom - & the pools in the rocks are unbelievable in colouring & cleanness! - I paddled all over them this morning - I've never seen proper rocks before - & then sat on one & read in the sun - it was heavenly - & came back & sun-bathed & then swam about 100 yds out to another rock - I do wish someone like you was here to do all these things with me.

- The sun is beeming down heat in long waves on my back & a breeze is blowing hair into my eyes - so think I had better go tot sleep while the family are away shopping.

Write soon - sorry this is so skimpy - but appreciate the letter there is.

 - looking forward tremendously to "Edwy"


Mary P.

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