Saturday, 24 August 2013

24th August 1933 - Mary to Terrick

Dunally Lodge
Walton Lane


Once more I ensconce myself at a table provided with pen and ink to escribe another batch of idle pages for no higher motive than self-satisfaction.  What a depth!

- Thank you for the letter which awaited my return from the noisome city and went down very will with stew and boiled potatoes!  It made fairly good reading - except that it gave me the feeling you were stumped for something to fill pages with (possibly owing to lateness of hour and exhausting temperature) - and had therefore gleaned answers from mine - which I'm not very fond of.

- I went a flaming red when you brought up the 'mountains' and bit dust for a few moments & skipped that page altogether.  - I felt it would come back to me in force - but thought it would look stupider to cross it through.  I, literally, squirmed inside - and it did me a lot of good.

We moved in most successfully last Monday.  The house still bears a slight pig-sty resemblance - and all we eat tastes of distemper - but otherwise a tremendous amount has been done, and we're gradually getting straight.  In fact when you return, (somewhere around December) it may bear quite a respectable air - the only thing we can offer our guests at the moment is any amount of hot baths!

- Curses upon the heads of the two October clients - now what happens if we never return from Hamburg - having been abducted to the white slave traffic regions? - The blame will rest entirely with you for not returning in time to dole out the 'fatherly advice'!

Thank you also for the photographs - the family (bless them!) all wanted to know the name of the lady whose hand you're holding!! - But it's quite good of you - isn't it? - The other, I felt, might be entitled 'Swank' - or did you sent it because it was the only one you had of you by yourself?  Norah went through her snaps last Wednesday and we nearly came to blows over the one she stole from you on the Glencoe trip! - I remember being furious with her then (because I thought it so dreadfully forward!) - but it is a good one - far the best I've seen.

Fancy the haunting female teaching! - what does she teach? - and how is she progressing? - at Menton - I mean.

I did receive the postcard - ('Ormiston, Richmond.' would be enough for Grannie!) - although the flat happens to be '3' !!

I believe 'my regatta man' goes by the name of 'Richard James' - any more I can assist you with?

When you come back, then, do you go home for a holiday? - (oh - yes - of course, I remember last year!) - yes, I'd love to book myself up for your one night down here - will you come back here for the night? - or will you want to see  your brother then too? - Anyhow, come here if you can - won't you? - Only I do hope it doesn't clash exactly with the day we come back - because I always weep after a week of holiday & Norah!! (Just to settle me down again!)

- It's a Sunday too, isn't it? Couldn't you stay down for the Monday night? - 
- oh - but that won't be any good because I shall probably go straight into school on the Monday - & ten it's hopeless - unless I just come out for the evening! - But anyway it's miles away yet - we'll try and settle it later.

My talk on 'Respect & the Right Woman' stressed more the essential point of 'men' gaining 'women's' respect - a much harder thing than the reverse - so you were rather up the wrong tree - weren't you? - and I quite agree that you would have no use for your version at all!

- Have you seen Leslie Howard on the films - or stage? - He's perfect.

Wouldn't you let a chauffeur drive you to the Lake of Geneva? - you see I don't know you too well - do I?  Have you ever smoked a pipe then?  I so badly want to see what you look like!  But far be it for me to suggest your deducting 1½d per day off lunches!

Jack comes home tomorrow - we have killed the fatted calf in the shape of 3, 6 months old chickens! - to be served 'au flour stain' - He has already arranged a holiday in Norway next summer with some scouts he met in the Norwegian contingent.  - We have had some lovely letters from him.  In one he says he finds shopping quite easy - the only things he had a little difficulty in gesticulating were 'sun-glasses' and ' yeast-vite tablets'!!  - He also says it's a wonderful sight, - after the long excursions, travelling home late in the rickety train - to see Australian scouts propping up snoring Egyptians - who in their turn are propping up Singalese!  

Norah has asked Mummy & Mr. Hodson to her 21st - (bit of a blight!) - so I'm not so excited as I was!

- Isn't it a coincidence that on Sept 16th 1932 I left the Office for my super week at F.W. and on Sept 16th 1933 - I leave it again - on an even more (if not quite so pleasant) adventurous journey! - Obviously my lucky day.

- Well - I suppose it's time I went up to bed. - Please write again as soon as possible - our 'phone number is Walton-on-Thames 1190 (for future reference!) Toll Call from Haverstock - 5d I'm afraid!


Mary P.  xxx

P.S. I suppose the largest person in your heaven (or are they 'things') is yourself? - He seems quite certain of his own good points, anyhow.

(Have you ever had to pay over-weight on my letters?)

Can I keep the photograph & cut  you out?

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