Friday, 24 May 2013

24th May 1933 - Mary to Terrick



Dear Fitz

- I drempt (sic) about you last night (this isn't nearly as touching as it sounds!) - Me & lots of family had all gone to (it appeared to be!) an RAF display in a church - rows & rows of dark empty seats - & we all sat in the choir-stalls - & we knew you were coming back from Nice to meet us there & I kept on trying to leave an empty place beside me, but Mums kept on saying you were going to sit next to Helen (my cousin) because she was a much better person than me! (she is - too - as it happens) - so I remember feeling most horribly disappointed while horses & soldiers & things leapt up and down the chancel - & during the interval you walked in the door in the darkness at the very bottom behind all the empty seats - I ran all the way down & sat on the end pew & said 'oh - this is funny' (very weakly!) - & put my head on one side - you just smiled (you had on a navy suit - dreadful brown trilby - it looked like one of Jack's - & looked very thin & peaky!) - & just as you were going to say something - Jack came in from the bathroom & said "for heaven's sake get up - it's past 8" - so wasn't that a nuisance? But I think that's the first time I've dreamt for weeks - & you've never come in them before - I hope you haven't fallen over a cliff or something!

- We had a most galumptious thunderstorm yesterday evening - cwt upon cwt of rain soaking into parched earth - & splashing from leaf to leaf on thankful trees.  The sky was the darkest, darkest grey and looked stupendous with millions of greens lighted up against it. - Everywhere was hotly still & I sat with all the windows open - just looking & listening - it was marvellous! (horrible over-rated adjective!)

- We've been having baking weather lately - why can't all our summers be holidays? - How I long for sun and water & summer frocks.  Wouldn't it be nice if our lives were planned perfectly beforehand - so that we shouldn't have to push ourselves hectically into square holes for fear of not getting a hole at all - but I suppose we should all get fat & lazy then. - I am now.

- There are lots more small things I was going to say & simply can't think of one - directly this is licked up they'll all come trooping back.

- I laughed at you looking 'fascinating' in your blue bathing costume - What a feminine remark - do you wear glasses when you bathe? - Because I'm sure I should hate you without.

- I look most 'entrancing' in my new bracelet - everyone asks me where I got it from - & I answer loftily 'oh - a friend abroad - you know' - & nearly always their curiosity gets the better of them & they simply have to ask 'male or female'!

Katie called Jack and 'optimist' yesterday for carrying an umbrella on a glorious sunny day - I said (humbly) I didn't think 'optimist' was the right word - & got thoroughly snubbed for my pains!

- I can't fathom her look-out on life at all - only thank heavens it isn't mine! - (or perhaps mine's worse?)

- Have just spent 2 hours on entering up part of the stock.

- Well - heaven only knows what I've written all this for - perhaps it's senile decay creeping in - or some of my 'physological measles' as friend from Aberystwyth calls them!

- Any how - thank God for endowing my friends with a little humour and much tolerance.

- Send me a nice post-card again soon

- Love


P.S. please excuse graphite

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