Wednesday, 27 February 2013

After 24th Feb 1933 - Terrick to Mary

Only a small of this letter, which was written in response to Mary's of 24th February, remain

Pages 15-16

Sorry I make you cross about the way I treat your photos but you'll have to lump it.

I don't think you quite grasped what I meant about sending them to the family.  It would be nothing out of the ordinary, I always do send them photos to illustrate my letters if I have any to send.  And since you have figured largely in them these last three months it would be the natural thing to do.  The reason why I put in that bit about them thinking you "the latest" was because I wanted to emphasise the difference between that and "the last", the ultimate, the final.  In my mind what I was telling you was the last bit; the other was merely contrast for the sake of emphasis.  Still I'm sorry and I won't send them if you don't want me to.  What else I do with them is not foolish but extremely sensible.

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