Monday, 22 October 2012

22nd October 1932 - Terrick to Mary

Wensley Rectory,

22nd October 1932

Dear Mary Pleasant, 

Of course I shall thank you for the snaps you so kindly let me have.

I admit I do get very bored at answering all the old spinsters who write to me, but I fairly revel in writing to a nice young spinster like you.

I am glad you don’t think I write an abominable letter.  Encouraged by this tribute I think I shall try and outdo H.V. Morton on Scotland.  I shall start off by putting my photo and his side by side in the frontispiece, then everybody will start off prejudiced in my favour.  This is not conceit.  He is a perfect little toad.

Last winter in Killarney I wrote three chapters of a thriller.  I have just read it through and my hair fairly stood on end – Unfortunately I have left the sketch of the rest of the plot in an exercise book somewhere at Fort William so the mystery of the beautiful latin lady with Irish eyes will never be solved.

The twitches show a marked improvement, thank you.

I shall certainly not forget to make that date with you for the pictures.  I shall be here for a fortnight and then with friends in Hunstanton for a week, and then to London.  I hate London, but am looking forward to seeing you two cheery souls.

You certainly can’t be described as ordinary, and if you are dressed anything after the style in which you left Fort William I shall be fearfully proud to be seen with you.  I only hope people won’t take me for a poor relation.

If your family are anything like you they must be screams.

I hope your school-girl complexion is not fading in the foggy air of London.  I am thriving as never before and getting quite fat.

Remember me to Norah.

Love from 

Terrick (Fitz)

On blank page is written – I could fill this but the post is going.

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