Monday, 15 October 2012

15th October 1932 - Mary to Terrick

Posted 15.10.1932

Christchurch Road
East Sheen

Dear Fitz

Herewith two requested photographs.  Thank you for returning others, plus my dreadful hankie – it would have been much more sensible of me to have dropped one of my posh linen ones!  Your letter was a topping one & caused me quite a sigh of relief.  I’m sure only one man in ten writes a readable epistle, and it does so spoil it to have to think “Hes a dear – but he does write an abominable letter”!

Every Wednesday evening Norah & I do something special together & yesterday we saw the new George Culiss film – hes glorious – so beautifully ugly! - & on the way home she perused your letter & agreed with me that it was a jolly nice one- & shes most envious, so don’t forget to answer hers nicely, will you?

I wish Ramsay & H.V. Morton had come when we were there – or don’t you think either of them would have appreciated Chewcud & Daisy Bell? – you should jolly well read “In Search of Scotland “ – I did in the far off days when I was at school & loved it – he puts historical bits so beautifully humanly – I’m sorry you didn’t appreciate my quotation that night on the way to the flicks – when I said Aberdeen fish market sounded just like thousands of bare babies being smacked. – that’s H.V. Morton.  But I bet most authors are uninteresting on acquaintance – the book I’m always intending to write won’t be a bit like me – it’ll be dignified, pompous & flowery – sprinkled here & there with epigrams & whimsical humour! – oh – how too terrible it sounds! – but it won’t be really! 

- I am talking a lot of rubbish – I’m sorry – but I’ve just got back from town & am yawning over this round the drawing –room fire!  Last night I didn’t get to bed till twelve because I went on a motor treasure –hunt – gorgeous!

- I suppose you’ll be going home soon now to stop all that twitching of the nerves!! – well – you deserve it!  But please please don’t forget to let us know when you come to London – we’ll be awfully good – honestly – so don’t be afraid we change into two mugs when not at F.W!! – because the thing that hurts us both most is to be thought ordinary! - & we’re not really very plebian (sic) either – so if you feel you could put up with us one evening you won’t forget will you?

- Well – I must stop - & rush along with the dog to post this – I nearly learnt to drive a car last Saturday – scrummy!

I wish you knew my family – they are a funny lot.

Much love


Mary Pleasant

P.S. There’s no need to answer this just to thank me for the snaps because I’ve probably enjoyed writing it far more than you will reading it - & it must be rather embarassing (sic) to have such a tenacious lot of female correspondents!

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