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13th July 1933 - Mary to Terrick



- Well, I suppose I must have had approx: 35 letters from you too - (only I have no means of confirming it) - & that's certainly more than any of the family have ever written me - but I've probably had about the same number from two other people - only spaced over about 3 years - not 6 months!!! - I do so wish you wouldn't keep all mine - I had thought of saying I wouldn't write you the 37th until you had torn up as far as the 20th anyway! - But my pen mis-gave me.

- Why is it with some people's letters one simply has to sit down and reply immediately - & yet others (how ever much you like the writer) fall on absolutely stony ground?

- They forwarded yours on to Norah's for me (it should have arrived at least by Monday - 'correspondence wavered'? or are you frightfully busy?) - So I read it coming up in the Golders Green train - I was just about on page 8 at Belisze Park & smiled soulfully to myself. - I get out at Tottenham Court Rd now & find it much quicker.

- I miss all the post-cards - but last but one was a repetition - & I think it will look so odd in my album, two both the same, but I must put it in for numbers!

- I'm glad (I - I - I !) the book & mag were O.K. - you didn't run me short a bit - & I loved doing it - so don't be an ass & be so apologetic - & it's a jolly good way of saving - so ask me again another time - won't you?

- Are you allowed to use the Hotel notepaper free?  If not I'll send you half a dozen 6d pads from Woolworths! - wouldn't it be a good idea to have pads like lavatory paper rolls & just write on and on  without turning over & posting it in a wrapper? - Shall we put it on the market?  The Fitzton Scroll! - 100yds for 6d - plus 1 packet wrappers 3d extra! - Oh - I am an ass!          - To proceed with equanimity:

- Today it is just teaming with rain & has done all the week - fancy rain in July - all my summer frocks rotting in bottom drawer! - & I wanted to play tennis this evening too - dash it!

- I'm leaving the office - at least, I think so - but nothing else is arranged yet - Mums wants me to go to college for teaching - but 3 years seems such an age - and I'm not too young as it is - But thank heaven there will come a time when I shall lick my last stamp & wash up Katies' cocoa cup for last time - Whoppee! - oh - how I hate it all - even when I consider how lucky I am I hate it!

- Now what ever has put into your bug-house brain that I am 'your sort' - I can't fathom your reasoning at all - because in the majority of things we're entirely at loggerheads.

                     ME                                                    YOU





LAZY                                                     ENERGETIC

GROSSLEY SENTIMENTAL                         COMMON SENSE STICKING OUT IN                                                                                                                                  
                                                            KNOBS (?)

- In fact the only thing in which we're alike is that we both have a damn good opinion of ourselves - and that's on the wrong side, anyway! - & if you tell me all those things in me fit in with all those in you - I should just say 'bumkum'. - So how do you mean I'm 'your sort'?

- I didn't know you were going to kiss me, through inexperience - I can't say the same would apply in 'walking off with someone else'!

- How thrilling about Sept 29th - oh but I bet it'll be changed umpteen million times before then & in the end you won't get home until December or something! - only I should love to hear you giving 'fatherly advice'! - How sweet! - Can you?  - Strangely enough I met someone else who's doing exactly the same trip, so I'll pump her when she comes back (she starts next week) - But fancy having just all you for about 60 minutes before going again! - but perhaps it's just as well really, because I shall probably be most horribly tongue-tied! (Is it possible?) - & I bet you'll lose your ticket or something! -and then when we come back we'll do something really nice - shall we? - & just get to know each other!

My 'fodder for jerry-builder' was quite my own - it took me a long time to get hold of 'fodder'

Thanks for remarks on poems - I thought you'd like 'When' best - cutting remark had great effect - now I think it's dreadful & before I thought it was quite good! - I've got some more but they're more 'schooly' - I'll write you another, one day.

- Sept 1st is going to be simply spifflicating! - I'm longing to buy my new frock for it, only it'll have to be my evening frock all the winter as well!

- Swimming is from 12.30pm onwards. - gorgeous! - only I'm afraid no one could call me graceful!

Poor old Paul - he must have got it badly - it's a pity he can't be with you because you'd probably do him no end of good.  It's when one gets maudlin in love that it becomes the thing people write about and a doubtful blessing.  The 'Real' Thing (to resort to platitude) is not nearly as common as is generally supposed.  I don't think it properly come until after one's married - and then it's something so high-up and clean and 'just-between-two-people' that no-one knows how to put it on paper and it's far too God-like to put to music even.  I don't know what it is, nor do you - but I shall always believe it's there - and if I don't find it, it'll be because my mind's too little and my soul is too dirty - but if one does - it means the most magnificent peace that anybody ever finds, for ever & ever.

What are you being economical for? - Just to save £15? - or for something special? - I roared at you wearing an un-ironed shirt! - How appalling! I bet it was just as dirty after you'd worn it 5 minutes.

- The haunting female is nothing if not 'importunate' (is that the right word?) - Is she pretty? - Don't forget to write to me the weeks she's there, will you?  I shall be gnashing my teeth at home if nothing arrives.

- I had a lovely time last Saturday - we spent the day up at Henley Regatta.  Mervyn took me in his M.G. - but afterwards when we arrived back to an empty house and no food at 8.0 - he offered to take me out somewhere to dinner.  So we washed & changed and drove over to the Dlift (?) Bridge Hotel at Ewell & had the most wonderful dinner - 8 ate (!) for 2 hours! & then drove all over the south Downs & home through Reigate & Dorking getting in at 12.0! - Coming home we went 75 m.p.h.!! - It was horrid! - Oh I did love it - it's one of the things I've always wanted to do.

- Well, I must stop & go & have my bath.  tomorrow Mums is taking me to the Ballet 1933 at the Savoy.  It ought to be gorgeous.

Your money order has just arrived - thank you very much.  Isn't there anything else you want?


       Mary Pleasant


(on reading this through I feel as if I ought to be out of breath at the end - I do hop about rather in choice of subjects, don't I?)

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