Tuesday, 16 April 2013

16th April 1933 - Mary to Terrick

Christchurch Road
East Sheen

Easter Sunday

Dear Boy - how farest thou? and art though passingly irate owing to inconstant correspondence of fate? or chancest it that thou has failed to mentally record the seeming inconstancy of she who weaves?

- I cannot, with truth, say I'm sorry I didn't answer yours before.  I'm only sorry in so far is it will delay your reply.  But your last letter really did not give me much to remark on, and being Easter week I was run off my legs all day (very good for me!) & on arriving home just dropped into bed, as t'were.  I was very tempted to hold forth on "marriage" once more - specially as you hadn't quite "got me". (which remark, let me add, was also very good for me) - but if I've got to try & explain I think it would be altogether more 'satisfying' (what is the word I'm looking for) in words.

Thank you for the three postcards - they made me more envious than anything has done yet - at least, not exactly 'envious' - because it wouldn't be half so nice just taking your place - but terribly "longing" to be there too. - because I'd like to have you to explain things & just make things easy for me (who wouldn't?) - although probably I can dish out just as much "Margate" as other people.  I'm afraid you over-rate me if you think I could possibly think the other half of your thoughts - my thoughts, sometimes, would be horribly disillusioning if spoken aloud - I often disgust myself.  But I could be silent, at the moment the family are trying to cure me of it - but I'm afraid I consider it one of the most worth-while-cultivating habits.  it can give such unlimited satisfaction with the advantage of not giving anything away - although, I suppose, inversely as well.  Norah discovered that long before I did.

Do  you consider me an average sincere person? - A friend who is staying with me over the weekend gave me a few qualms today - she, apparently, has a regular correspondent who is most frightfully interesting, amusing & witty in letters and constructs glorious sentences, but, of course, she informs me, is totally insincere - it reads as if she does it for effect all the time.  I wonder.  I wish I knew, but I've tried & I simply can't find out.  What would you deduct from an ordinary letter of mine, to you, if you didn't know me & had just happened to read it?  I, personally, am inclined to consider myself absolutely sincere - but I have an abhorable (sic) streak of not being sure of anything about myself.  It's probably due to extreme youth & inexperience - Heaven help me to grow old soon and sprout a little sense.

- I informed Norah of your extreme interest in her future.  She was duly flattered, but has since left job, as it was only tempory (?) - she has been preparing their bungalow for Easter these last two weeks.  Last Wednesday, instead of going out somewhere, we bought our supper (1/11½ all) and took the bedding down & ate by the light of two candles sitting on the kitchen table - returning home around 11.30 p.m.  It was gorgeous - just exactly perfect  Just being interesting to ourselves and going for long pauses without saying anything, yet saying everything (somewhat hackneyed).  The friend I have staying here at the moment I haven't seen for four years - & it's funny how I long to just stop talking for a moment and listen to nothing - that is perhaps where Norah reaches the ideal - & why you & I write 13 pages to each other every week.

The afore-mentioned friend is trying to persuade me to return to Aberystwyth with her, go to the University there for 3 years, get my B.A. & then teach.  I think Mums would let me if I just said the word - but my conservative & highly unoriginal streak just won't let me take the plunge - the chief drawbacks being (1) Living away from home & with sometimes trying friend. (2) I'm too lazy, have no faith in myself & three years is a long time. (3) No Norah.  But it's an idea.

Our party last night went of fairly well - my cousin Verney came out with some rather bright games - have you ever played Honeymoons or Statues (posing as a couple from loving photograph?) They're both most entertaining.  My new frock met with great success - I'll try & get somebody to take a snap of me in it - & my new black & white ensemble - & send it to you.  If you're still interested in my clothes that is! (you'll have to pretend now, anyway)

Melvin Sprague came in his new M.G. sports car.  He's only had it 2 days & I'm going out with him to try it next Saturday afternoon - thank heavens it won't have been run in by then! - our treasure hunt is next Sunday - it ought to be great fun if the weather is fine.  Mums is using our car to take the food down so we've got to fit in with other people.

- Do you know yet when you're coming back? - won't it be a phenomenon when you do come? - What can we do to celebrate occasion - go up in an aeroplane? 

- Funnily enough I've quite enjoyed writing this - I thought, having nothing to pass remarks on, it would only come to a 2 page one - but it's not so bad is it?

- Oh - how I'd love, love, love to be out there in the sun.

- My love and "enviousings" to 'Margate'

Mary Pleasant xxx

P.S. There's not the slightest need to complain about the various fairies invited to your christening

P.P.S. My friend, who considers herself rather up in these things, thinks I am, owing to such letters etc., an ideal example for the physcologist (sic) of the female sex, from the age of 16 - 20.

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