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28th March 1933 - Mary to Terrick

Tuesday 7.0

Dear Terrick

- This is such a horrid place to write in as such a lot of interesting things are going on all round me - I'm just having a cup of coffee before going off to Sadler's Wells to see the ballet (they're doing Coppelia - & I love the music) - but not having anybody I really want to go with (bar Norah - & I go out with her tomorrow) I'm going to sit on a hard little 9d seat all by myself - unless I don't have anything to eat & then I might run to the comparative luxury - but equal hardness - of a 1/6 seat.  I wish you were coming too - or do you hate dancing?

At the moment at the next table I believe is an honest to goodness proposal going on - at least he's just got to the stage of saying he'll make her happy - (she doesn't look worth it) so I suppose it is. - How exciting - I've never listened to one before! Poor dears!

- Dear me, how off the point.

Thank you so much for letter which arrived nearly 72 hours late!! - I'd really come to the conclusion that I was supposed to satisfy myself with postcard for this week!

- It was such a very enjoyable letter to read - but just here & there I wanted to frown at you - please don't come over my line will you? - you'd be such a difficult person to manage.

- Can't you see that at the present period of my young life I only exult in being said nice things to because it flatters my vanity? - I don't think I really care two hoots who says them - & therefore it's so bad for me ( & you, for that matter) to have them said at all.

- They may all be true & you quite probably mean them in all seriousness (I know you do) - But please, old thing, keep them inside - so that I can like you tremendously as someone just living in the same world as me - & not the someone I could so easily shut up in gilt cage of emotionalism simply because he plays on things inside me where I don't really want him to go.  Do you see? - or do you think I'm making a mountain out of a molehill? 

-But I'm honestly not - you see, I know myself much better than you know me!

-Oh, for heaven's sake girl - shut up!

- Are you really coming back at the end of the week? - & do you think you'll be able to squash in a weekend with us? - 

Menton sounds ideal - but I suppose you won't be there now will you? - Could we get away from the crowd there though? - Norah & me I mean. - or is it crammed with people everywhere?

The weather here is simply marvellous - we're thinking of going back to the bungalow for Easter - I'm getting my cotton frocks down out of the loft - I bet it rains when I do!  All the trees are bursting into leaves & things - in fact my morning bus ride is fast becoming enchanted with fresh miracles of greeness every hundred yards.

- Well, they're beginning to eye me with slight disfavour, so I'll hie me hence to Sadler's Wells and continue there - if you'll excuse me a moment.

*   *   *   *   

- Heavens, how we mortals can be fooled.  Am now in tube train 10.30pm. having stood for whole performance for ruinous price of 2/6 !!!!!  Consequently my feet are like slabs of raw beef. ( I should love to see your face!)  Still it was worth it - oh how I'd love to be really really thin & beautiful - you know - just so's I could dance to music that fitted in.  I used to when I was small - to myself in front of a mirror!

My audition went of some-what badly yesterday - the rest were miles more grown up & experienced than me I - my "Dear Brutus" went down one of the best (it's catching!) - but I was rotten in the scene they gave me to read - a touching love scene with some strange man of 50 - who dropped his H's and lost his place!!

- So I'm afraid it'll have to be the Thespians after all - dash it.  What unlimited exultancy one can get from being one up on one's ordinary neighbour!

- Did you get your handkerchiefs? (The woman I bought the card from wanted to sell me a wedding one with bells all over it!)

- I'm sorry it was such an ordinary present - you see I had intended for months to get you a new scarf - as near as poss. to the one, I believe, you lost - or have you found it? - altogether I went into 12 shops & each one tried to get one for me - but my description was too poor or they wanted a sample or something - so my good intention didn't come off - & I got so sick of explaining my brown cheques (sic) & emerald green stripes - that I just thought of the first thing I could really enjoy myself choosing - I think they were lovely.

- Well I've just got home - washed - done my hair - wished I was thinner & got into bed + apple.

Walking up the road was gorgeous - cold & starry, with a smell of bonfire and my feet going clack-clack along the pavement - do you remember coming home after Richard of Bordeaux? - I was a little ass - that was one of the first times I showed you what I was really like underneath - heavens, what a fool.

- The chief thrill of this week is my frock - Mr Hodson says I look "devastating"!! - It's frightfully "Voguey" with big sleeves and high neck - I'm simply longing to show it to you.

- Have you heard from Eileen yet? - I wish I understood politics - perhaps I should know a bit more if I read the paper - the only one I ever do is Sunday's 'Observer' & that for the books & plays - I'm thought, by Miss Phillips (Office!) most terribly illiterate - she reads her Daily Mirror & Evening News every day of her life! - & I also wish I knew London - today it took Phillips ½ an hour to tell me how to get to the Guild Hall - Newgate Street. - Old Bailey - Post Office - Cheapside - Aldsgate Street are simply names to me - I never know where the Tower of London is.  Oh, Norah's got a job - temporary I think - Swedish business - she hates it because no one talks English!

- Well, old thing, must stop, my eyelids simply dropping with sleep - when shall I see you?

- Thank you for the snaps.


Mary P.

P.S. I don't think you're a nit-wit - every female is provided with some protection against the male.

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