Wednesday, 24 June 2015

24th June 1935 - Mary to Terrick

Old Vicarage School

June 24th '35

Dearest Terrick,

The boarders are all skipping round the back lawn in their bathing-costumes - and are now lying on top of each other to see how high a pile they can get without toppling over.  I am keeping watch over them for Hasty. P. who wishes to partake of a bath.  I have been to the baths twice today and feel like a squeezed towel - but my crawl is coming on.

I phoned Helen and she said she was really going out at 7.0. - but she could put him off until 8.0 as 'clients came first'! - you see I suddenly remembered that the children's tennis coach had promised to give Miss Olsson & myself a few hits tomorrow from 5-6 - so that means I can't get to Earl's Court until 6.30.  Anyway Helen will have finished with me by 8.0 - so I'll look in and see you somewhere about 8.15 (if that is convenient?)  I wouldn't mind another German lesson - unless it's too hot & I'm feeling fractious! - or perhaps you'll be too tired?  Still, I'll bring the book in case.

- Were you very late this morning? - Perhaps you'd better catch the 8.15 next time - as we're very erratic - but it's so much nicer having you up to the last minute.

It becomes more and more interesting to me to notice the way my feelings towards you undergo periodical - and fairly regular changes.  I can practically class them all under various titles now - but find it difficult to account for some of them.  I think a fair amount is due to the different conditions in which I see you.

I have written to Inge today to tell her we'll meet her in the car next Sunday.  I was wondering (as I continually do!) whether we couldn't spend the first week of August with Eileen - Inge goes home on Thursday, August 1st with a party of people who're also coming over on June 30th - so we could send her home and say I would go to her about the 9th until the end of August - but I suppose perhaps Eileen wouldn't want us them because of the African friend?  But it would be lovely if she was there at the same time?

But I expect this is all very hopeless & impractical - only your holiday without me seems such a waste - you see nothing's at its best when you're not there -

Mary   xxx

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